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Double slit?

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    What if I had a double slit setup and I was shooting electrons through them. But in the rest frame the slits were to big to bring out the diffraction effect. But then suppose I move by the 2 slits at significant speed to length contract the slits to where diffraction would be eminent.
    Would i see diffraction or does the wave function change with speed to correct this. I don't know much about QM or QFT. Any help will be appreciated.
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    You will always have some diffraction pattern, irrespective of the size of the slits.
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    I am not positive about the answer, and I like the question, but why not suppose the electron beam were moving similarly instead....and the slits fixed.....would there be any difference between the two scenarios?? Seems like either would cause increased diffraction.

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    @ naty1 : your saying have the electron beam move and have the slits fixed. And that would also be the same as standing by the electron beam and see the slits moving by.
    ya i think those are the same. I was talking to someone at my school and he said that i would need to use QFT to analyze it and it would be tricky.
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