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MATLAB Double Sum Using Matlab

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    I have this double summation expression to solve as part of matlab code I am writing. I have searched matlab no syntax that can do it. Please assist.

    Q=ƩƩxixjaij i.e double sum of xi xj aij, i=1:n, j=1:n

    Please assist me

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    What do mean by solve? What you have written is simply an expression. To solve something you need to describe what is known and what you are trying to find.
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    Thanks Mathman,

    What I mean is this. I wrote a matlab code for that expression and manual as seen below but got different answer. I don't know what is wrong either with matlab code or manual expression or both.

    Q=∑∑xixjaij the first sigma has i=1:n, the second sigma j=1:n

    for i=1:n
    for j=1:n
    Q=sum(sum(x(i).*x(j).*(a(i, j))));



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    From what I recall about coding: You need to set Q = 0.0 before starting. Then the operating instruction should be Q=Q+x(i)*x(j)*a(i, j). To save a little time you could multiply by x(i) outside the j loop.
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    if a is nxn and x is nx1 try Q = sum(sum(a.*repmat(x,[1 n]).*repmat(x',[n 1])))
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    This line is what is wrong with your code. Let's consider what happens on each loop:
    i=1, j=1:
    sum(sum(x(1)*x(1)*a(1,1))) = x(1)*x(1)*a(1,1) so Q=x(1)*x(1)*a(1,1)

    sum(sum(x(1)*x(2)*a(1,2))) = x(1)*x(2)*a(1,2) so Q=x(1)*x(2)*a(1,2) NOT x(1)*x(1)*a(1,1)+x(1)*x(2)*a(1,2)

    If you replace the line with
    you should get the right answer
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