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Double urination

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    Does anyone else experience the following:
    You are busting for a wee and eventually you get to the toilet and away you go.Heaven. A short time later,sometimes just seconds,you need another mini wee.
    I think its due to the bladder getting completely filled and being emptied on the first wee. The mini wee is due to urine being stored in the ureters and dripping into the bladder as it empties. Is there anything to my idea?
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    Yes, annoying isn't it? I always wondered if the kidneys were storing urine when back pressure from the bladder increases.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Post-void urine retention, to some degree, is normal- AFAIK, less than 50 ml is considered 'normal'. Abnormal retention volumes can be due to a variety of problems (unrelated to kidney function). If you are concerned, you should see a doctor.
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    No concerns at all. Have been experiencing this for as long as I can remember. I just wondered about the cause.
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    @dadface. My personal perception is a function of bladder elasticity. In other words, when it is really full, upon emptying, it is slack for a few moments. In a matter of seconds, as the muscle contracts, it then finds it has fluid to void. Filling the ureter would have minimal, to drops of fluid. Backing into the kidneys would cause renal failure, or malfunction. My opinion is bladder wall malfunction,which will grow more serious with age needing a cath to get the rest.
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