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Doublet Panel Method Help

  1. Apr 10, 2010 #1

    I'm trying to predict the pressure distribution around a NACA 0010 foil using doublet distributions (using MATLAB). I can get the correct Cp prediction for a circle but when I transfer it to a airfoil shape I cannot get a correct Cp curve. I have tried modifying the Kutta Conditions to no avail. I have checked my doublet equations with a single plate and validated that my doublet equations are working correctly. I have looked in the Katz "Low Speed Aerdynamics" Book, but again to no success.

    I have been debugging this for nearly 2 weeks and I no longer think I can be able to find the bug myself (I have a hunch that the mistake is simple, and I'm just overlooking it...).

    I attached my code (at least I hope I did) to this post. Any help would be appreciated...Thanks!

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