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Doubling Up on Math

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    I am double majoring in math and physics, as a result I have to take more math (I like math so it's okay). I am in my first semester as an undergrad, and they gave us placement tests. I placed out of calculus I, and was put into calculus II. I self-taught after I graduated and worked up to material in calc III and some of differential equations, but they didn't let me place out of calc II so I am stuck in a class that I find easy. Luckily the semester is coming to an end and I have maintained a 98% in the class. I really like the calc II professor and would love to take him again, and I found out he teaches Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, but he's teaching it in Spring and then not at all next year. So I want to talk to my adviser and schedule differential equations as well as Calc III (I'm already enrolled in Calc III) I feel I can handle it, because I know how to do double and triple integrals as well as take partial derivatives- I also know quite a lot (like a lot a lot) about vectors, and from my independent reading, material from calc III isn't really heavily used in diffy q's (ignoring vectors for linear algebra). So my question is, should I try to take differential equations next semester too? Or is too much information from calc III used that I would only ruin my gpa.

    Sorry if I have bad English, it is not my first language.
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    Depends on what else you plan on taking, but generally, it's common for people to take calc III and diff eq at the same time. I did.
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