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B Doubt from capacitors

  1. Apr 21, 2016 #1
    can a charged capacitor mathematically be represented as uncharged capacitor connected in series with battery of opposing emf ?
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    Charge stored by a capacitor and teh voltage across it are two inseparable concepts. They exist together physically how mathematically things could be different then. Draw a diagram to show what you wish to propose.
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    Whenever analysing a simple linear circuit, see what it does to a resistor. Here, think of connecting a resistor across 2 black boxes, one of them has a charged capacitor, and the other one has a capacitor in series with a voltage source. Now you connect the switch on them both at the same time.
    This is akin to a step current response. If you would get the same step current response on both the black boxes, both these black boxes would behave the same way for all conditions.
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