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Doubt ic engine

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    Is 3 stroke engine possible??if not why???
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    Ranger Mike

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    what are you gonna give up , intake compression, power or exhaust stroke?
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    no change in the cycles...want all the cycles in 3 strokes...is that possible??
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    Ranger Mike

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    y is that so???y cant there be an cyle where 1st stroke intake 2nd stroke compression and ignition(as in diesel) and 3rd stroke with (expansion and exhaust)???
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    but how will exhaust take place? Piston is leading towards inner dead center in 3rd stroke, then it can't force the gases out. If you fill fuel right here to move gases out, it will become a two stroke engine. Perhaps, you have to add an extra device to move the gases out. Thus you will have to do extra work. This will reduce efficiency.
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    still...cant there be any combination of stroke that could make a 3 stroke engine possible???
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    Put a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke engine on the same crankshaft, and they'll average out to 3 strokes!
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    A stroke of an engine is either from TDC to BDC or BDC to TDC. On a three stroke engine one cycle would start at TDC the next at BDC, Escher might be able to come up with a workable design but I can't.
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    Real preciprocating engines, need an even number of strokes. You must ALways have at least the INTAKE, COMPRESSION, POWER, EXHAUST stokes.

    They require a down, up, down up movement of the piston. You can combine the 2 upstrokes and 2 downstrokes to make a 2 stroke engine.

    As you suggested of combining the power and exhaust phase, not only does that require the pison to be moving in opposite directions, but it also has an engine that producec no power what so ever.

    After combustion you have high pressure gases, that push the piston down. If you opened the exhuast (had any gas removal system) then the high pressure gases would simply go straight out the exhaust as a path of least resistance.

    All odd numbered stoke engines are all pseudostrokes, basically they are 2 or 4 strokes that are slightly modified.
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