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Doubt in an ammeter

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    The other day I happened to open an ammeter just out of curiosity.
    What I saw was that across the positive and negative terminals a wire of considerable thickness(almost equal to the thickness of wires we use for household joints) was wound..It just had 4 or 5 turns.
    I guess it should be the shunt resistor (though it wasn't a "resistor" also there was no resistor in series )...but then the fact that the wire was wound brought to my mind a doubt whether inductance has any role to play in it ?
    Am I right ?
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    Yes, it was a shunt resistor as the meter movement was probably 1000 times more sensitive than 'amps'.

    No, at the low frequencies the meter was designed for, the inductance of a few turns makes no difference. RF ammeters work on entirely different principles.

    go well
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