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Doubt of Directions ^^

  1. Apr 16, 2013 #1
    Hey folks i have a silly doubt ^^ why when someone is in front of you is like this person position of the arms are diferent i mean if someone is in front of you the person arm is left and your is right and where this person right arm is your left arm, and both are directed north ?? thanks for future answer.
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    A mirror reverses front and back, which our brains (wrongly) interpret as exchange left<->right.
    Nice video about that
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    thanks for the answer, ^^ so is live reverse front and back but the image in the mirrow is pointed to north who is your south right ??
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    Wait ... what?
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    sorry folks i guess this post was wrong again xD when i saw my image in morrow my left hand will be the left hand of the mirrow right ??
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    i wrote mirror wrong up there but i cant edit :/
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