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Doubts about surface plasmons

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    Hey! I am an undergrad student working on my final thesis on surface plasmons. I have the following queries. Any help will be highly appreciated.
    1) How far do these plasmons propagate at the interface of the metal and dielectric?
    2) Do these plasmons convert the incident TM polarised light to electrical pulse?
    3) I am trying to focus these plasmons using nano-slit arrays. How will integrating more slits affect the focusing?
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    some quick comments

    1) for propagation length I would start with Raether's book about Surface Plasmons on Gratings... sec 2.1 to be exact and some references there in. Also will probably be a good discussion in Maier's book as I find his exposition pretty sound. he writes a lot about wave-guiding applications where propagation length is a key factor.
    2) not sure the question is well formed, but plasmons can be used to generate an electrical current, which is what people are trying to do via plasmonic solar cells.
    3) I think this paper or one written by this group on the topic will be what you are looking for Garcia-Vidal et al., PRL vol 90 , pg 213901 (2003)
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