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Down the rabbit hole

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    I have never studied GR in school. I knew SR many years ago, but I happen to read some GR book recently after so many years as an older man as a chance hobby and found that I suddenly began to understand it: all these black hole stuff. Yesterday I came across the Kerr black hole with its many layering structures. This is really weird and bizzare once you understood the theory. You feel like it is real and yet at the same time all these are so surrreal. You felt like you are inside some strange world and yet that black hole is so far away from you as to be completely irrelevant to your existence. This is the same kind of experience which I felt when I read SR so many years ago. I find myself keep reading GR books and discovering exciting new things along the way. Just try to convey my sense of awe and amusement to you readers.
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