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Download a pdf file it regulaly freezes

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    when i try to download a pdf file it regulaly
    freezes, it seems my computer is sending
    information but not receiving, is it my computer,
    i use acrobat and win XP, or the severs fault?
    hope you can help as this getting to be annoying.
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    What browser are you using and does it freeze while downloading or when opening the pdf?

    Do you save the pdf to file or open from a website?
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    hi GREG.

    i use internet explorer, and i open file from
    the web site. and it freezes when downloading.
    i get the first page and thats all, but only
    sometimes 1 out of 4 ish.
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    1) Have you tried reinstalling adobe acrobat?
    2) Do you have the same problem when you save the pdf to your harddrive and then open it?
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    IE has had a history of freezing then downloading large pdfs. Do you know the size of the pdf your trying to download?
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    thanks for help GREG,
    the last one i attempted was 19 pages
    is that considered big? some of these PDFs
    download much quicker than others
    i have a love hate relationship with
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    My experience agrees with what Greg has said.
    Wolram, I've noticed the problem with pdf files under four pages. My SOP is to download the files using a download manager program. This works very well for me.

    Good luck
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    The number of pages isn't necessarily related to file size. Try downloading it FIRST, then opening it from your hard drive.
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    thanks for the help everyone, downloading to hard drive
    first works fine, seasons greetings to all.
  11. Jan 26, 2004 #10
    What about Mozilla (or Firebird) ?

    If you still insist on vewing the pdf files from your browser then consider changing your browser since IE has a lot of annoying bugs and it is rather slow. A combination of Adobe Reader 6 and Mozilla of version 1.4 or greater will do the job and you may also find out how faster the Mozilla browser is. Of course, if you don't want or need the extra software capabilities of Mozilla (email client,web page authoring tool,irc client etc.) and what you are really interested in is just the web browsing capabilities then you can download the Firebird which is the 'small brother' of Mozilla (includes only the browser). The latest version of firebird is 0.7, it is only 6 mbytes and you will really get amazed about how fast it loads and renders the pages. The homepage of mozilla (and firebird) is: http://www.mozilla.org
    However, the choice is yours.
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    I don't know how many pdfs I've looked at online with my IE browse but it's an awful lot, and without any problems. I think it's much more likely to be his installation of Acrobat than the browser. He should bite the bullet and install acrobat 6.

    Of course it could be the browser installation too. All my software is installed by my son, who _knows_ :=).
  13. Jan 26, 2004 #12
    Sometimes Acrobat will asks you if you want to check for updates. But the dialog box loses focus and you don't know it's there. Acrobat waits till you click in the dialog box, making it seem like it has frozen up.

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    thanks for all your help and advice everyone.
    i decided to download FIREBIRD and it is fantastic
    pdf files download in a fraction of the time it
    used to take, a 20 min download well worth the
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