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Download mozilla

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    can anyone please tell me how easy or difficult it is to change
    from IE to MOZILLA? do you loose all the cookies stored
    by IE? is e mail effected etc etc.
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    Going from IE to Mozilla is a piece of cake.

    All IE settings are uneffected by installing Mozilla.

    If you just want a web browser then I suggest getting firefox


    If you want mail, irc, we browing, etc, etc then the regular mozilla is fine

    http://www.mozilla.org/products/mozilla1.x/ [Broken]

    Bookmarks can be imported from IE. Just export the bookmarks in IE. It will create an html file. Then in mozilla go to manage bookmarks and import the html file.
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    once again thanks DDURADO, you guys are just soooooooo
  5. Mar 1, 2004 #4
    I use Firefox, and it is a big plus...I dig it mucho!
  6. Mar 1, 2004 #5
    What happened to Firebird!? They changed the name again!?!?
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    No no no...it's Firebird...I copied dduardo, which makes me feel double-silly, since it says Firebird right there on my monitor...oops!!
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    No, No, its firefox. They changed the name once again. And yes, it says it right there on the monitor.
  9. Mar 2, 2004 #8
    Since when?!?! Is Firefox the new version or the older version?!?
  10. Mar 2, 2004 #9

    First Chimera, now this.

    How can you expect to be popular if you can't keep consistent names?!


    Microsoft 1 Mozilla 0

  11. Mar 2, 2004 #10
    Yeah, ummm...kind of sucks, huh?
  12. Apr 7, 2004 #11
    Opera and Avant are good browsers too. But basically, anything's better than IE and Netscape.
  13. Apr 7, 2004 #12
    Firefox is pretty good. It's faster than my Explorer and it imports your IE links automatically as well. There's also tons of skins to choose from if you get tired of looking at the same interface.

    EDIT - export--->import
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  14. Apr 7, 2004 #13
    When they released 0.8 they renamed it Firefox due to some trademark problems. Personally I like the name better, otherwise I always think of the car. And yes Firefox rules!!
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    Is Firefox the browser that Mozilla shows "out of the box", or something else I need to install?
  16. Apr 7, 2004 #15
    I use Safari, Camino, Firebird on my Mac. Firebird and IE on Windows.

    Aside from Safari, I can say that IE is easily the best browser of all. Works for every site I go to, when I click on music downloads the right application always opens up (not safari), and it has never crashed on me unlike Camino and Safari.

    I use high-speed internet so I hardly see any significant speed changes when switching browsers.

    That's true. I find Mozilla and Camino's interface to be extremely ugly/dull. I have jelly buttons on Camino.

    Mozilla is the all-in-one internet application suite.

    Firefox is the browser. If you just want a browser, install Firefox.
  17. Apr 7, 2004 #16
    You might also want to check out Opera, although there are ads if you dont pay, its still a great browser.

    The main reason why I use Opera over Firefox is, there's no way in FireFox to auto open new links in tabs instead of whole new program windows, which is anoying. In Opera it will always open in a new tab, and thus keep your taskbar nice and neat :tongue:
  18. Apr 7, 2004 #17


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    Jake: I'm sure you can write an extension for Firefox to do that in about four seconds.

    And I assume you're aware that ctrl-clicking a link in Firefox opens it in a tab.

    - Warren
  19. Apr 18, 2004 #18
    about:mozilla <- type that in your IE address bar.
  20. Apr 18, 2004 #19
    Do you use a three button mouse? If so then you can set FireFox up to open links in new tab using the middle button (I installed FireFox so long ago I forgot if this is a default setting). Click a link with the middle button and see what happens. You can close tabs by placing the mouse anywhere over the tab and middle clicking also.

    I believe there's an extention available to automatically open links in background tabs floating around as well.
  21. Apr 18, 2004 #20
    Ok.. Please don't kill me. But why do you guys prefer Firefox over IE so much?
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