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Download MS equation editor

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    download MS equation editor (urgent)

    Hi, I can't find the equation editor in MS word menu bar --- > insert ----> object and I lost my MS office CD-ROM, so I can't type maths equations using MS word. Does anyone know where I can download MS equation editor or what other softwares which are downloadable from the internet that can be used to type maths equations?

    I need to make a maths test paper for a job interview tomorrow and I only have around 3 hours left even if I stay up whole night (it's around 3am here). :yuck: I tried to google "type math equations" and other key words but I have had no luck. Please help! :grumpy:

    Thanks in advance.
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    You can copy LaTeX equations made here into your own word documents. Make a post full of the equations you want, click "Preview Post" and select, copy, and paste the equations. If the equations seem messed up, refresh the browser. See this .pdf file on how to use LaTeX.
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