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Download speeds on different connections

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    i know on ADSL 512K, which i am on now i get 60K a second maximum. I was just wondering what other connections people got and their download speed. i know it depends on traffic, and the servers, i mean what is the fastest download speed you got so far?

    mine downloading from microsoft i think i got 75K a second and it stayed there at that speed for along time.
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    512K is kiloBITS (usually abbreviated kb), 60K is kiloBYTES (kB). So you are getting 480kB, which is very close to your max speed.
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    Russ...what is the formula that you use to get those figures? I can never remember how it works

    18...I use a burstable T1 here at work and see up to 100kps. However, in my travels I have been to colleges that use different speed OC lines, and I've downloaded at up to 320kps.
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    Bits/8 = Bytes

    512kb / 8kb/kB = 60kB

    I was also on a good college lan and I once got 400kB (kilobytes/sec) in a download. Thats 2.4mb (megabits/sec). Smoking.
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    When I was an undergrad living on-campus, our dorms were part of the nice campus academic network... as such we automatically got routed through things like vBNS (hi-speed dedicated academic network) when contacting computers at other big universities. There were a few times I was downloading stuff from like Berkeley or MIT and getting speeds of around a megabyte/second -- could tell it was saturating the local 10BaseT ethernet. Pretty damn cool. ;)
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