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Downloading Music Getting More Expensive

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    This makes me sick.

    http://www.azcentral.com/business/articles/0407downloading07-ON.html [Broken]


    No wonder I don't buy music anymore.
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    Well that is just sad. Just when I thought iTunes was going to revolutionize the way music is bought, this happens.
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    So the music companies save money by eliminating packaging and distribution and it still costs the same if not more!? Just plain stupid.
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    I think in the end Competition will force the price down. Companies in bussiness cut costs as much as possible to beat out competition, so if theres a lot of discretionary income, I bet that might happen.


    Still, no reason to go around pirating and downloading illegal music, is it? :smile:
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    Um, did you not read the article:

    "Several record-company executives acknowledged that pricing changes are being discussed at all five major companies."

    The record companies have basically formed an oligopoly just to fix the price of music.
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    An oligopoly is a type of monopoly wherein a couple of firms produce all or most types of products or service. By essence it is a shared monopoly.

    The bottom line is, all these record companies are fixing prices that will benefit them in the long run.
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    I realize that. I was just saying that in the long term, that type of thing might not last due to competition of even outside companies. I also think that in the end, it might not even benifit the companies to charge that much and they might see their revenues fall. ( Just look dduardo's first post :wink: )
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    Or the Government can intervene and file an antitrust suit. We'd probably see flying saucers first before that even happens :wink:
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    Sadly :redface:
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