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Medical Downs Syndrome

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    Hello, I was wondering what exactly Down's Sydrome is a disorder of? I mean is it a disorder in the expression of ones thoughts into movements, such as speech, or is it a disorder that directly effects the thought process?
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    It is caused by a mutation at the gene level, and I believe the developing embryo brain is expressed differently, causing the cognitive and motor deficits.
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    You may have also heard it called "Trisomy 21", which refers to the triplication in the 21st pair of human chromoses and serves as the genetic flaw that initiates the syndrome. Check out http://www.ds-health.com/trisomy.htm" [Broken].
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    Firstly the cognitive development is quite variable in individuals with Down syndrome. There is mild to moderate mental retardation, while emotional and social abilities can be quite normal. I do think there are also problems with physically expressing themselves, speech therapy addresses that problem.
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    Well it seems that my sister, who has Down's Syndrome, is not necessarily incapible of understanding what really happens and how things work, but she is unable to communicate effectively. I mean over time we understand what she means and what she wants, but I know her actual mind is beyond what she is able to express in words. She has only moderate Down's Syndrome with no heart defects. Though one thing that is interesting about her is that she is very resistant to change, and very stubborn seemingly randomly from time to time. I mean 'no' is nearly her favorite word, but as of late she has been better. I wonder what is exactly changed in her brain that causes this. Have they ever done a study on the difference in structure?
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