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Dr. Kaku gives A&M audience physics lesson

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    http://www.theeagle.com/aandmnews/photos/032104tamuphysics.jpg [Broken]

    http://www.theeagle.com/aandmnews/032104kakuspeech.htm [Broken]

    Professor Kaku gives A&M audience physics lesson
    The mystery equation that could explain all creation may be only an inch long when written out — but it’s simply too complicated for any human to decipher, a renowned physics expert told a crowd of hundreds at Texas A&M University on Saturday.

    Nevertheless, theoretical physics professor Michio Kaku from the City University of New York continues to work on Albert Einstein’s quest to find a “theory of everything.”

    It is a still-undiscovered equation that, theoretically, would unify the four fundamental forces in the universe: gravity, electromagnetic, weak nuclear and strong nuclear. Such an equation could allow scientists to explore what led up to the Big Bang — which many believe was the birth of the universe — how it occurred, and where it took place.

    Kaku’s lecture was part of a monthlong workshop that has brought many top physicists to College Station. It was sponsored by the George P. and Cynthia W. Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics at Texas A&M.

    The institute, which also brought celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking to A&M last spring, was started with a donation by the Mitchells in summer 2002.

    Though Kaku said the complex but short “theory of everything” was nearly impossible to come up with, he did give aspiring physicists in the audience some hope.

    “ Never take to heart the words of superiors,” said Kaku, who wrote an Einstein biography titled “Einstein’s Cosmos” scheduled to be published next month.

    He said scientists believe that at the center of black holes, spinning rings with massive gravitational pulls, are “worm holes” through which time travel may be possible.

    “ Time machines some day could take us through the looking glass,” Kaku said, referring to the first-ever English-language reference to black holes in Lewis Carroll’s book “Through the Looking Glass.” Carroll was a British mathematician.

    But, Kaku said, conducting an experiment such as traveling through a black hole and attempting to come out the other side would require power that only can be harnessed with the control of an entire galaxy.

    Kaku said there are, theoretically, four types of civilizations. The first can control the power of a planet, the second can control the power of an entire star and the third can control and thus harness the power of an entire galaxy. To navigate a worm hole, a civilization must have galactic control, Kaku said.

    Humans represent a fourth type of civilization, one that hasn’t achieved such capabilities. But Kaku said scientists believe humans could gain control of the planet’s power within the next 100 years.

    But how long until humans can harness the power of the galaxy and conduct time-travel experiments? Kaku said physicists believe that could take between 100,000 and 1 million years.

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    hey i was there, good stuff

    i need to buy his books now
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