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Dr. Kaku's omission of Tycho Crater and nanobots

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    Given that Tycho crater is perhaps the best evidence of alien presence I was wondering
    why Dr. Kaku has yet to mention it on his numerous appearances on Art Bell
    and etc?

    Examine this link from the Naval Space Command website, and notice the
    rectangular anomalies and the paralell lines crossing Tycho crater
    independant of the topology of the crater, and notice also that
    the floor of the crater is made up of regular polygons.

    Notice also, that the Navy mentions the anomalous polygon structure of the crater floor.

    Also notice that the polygons show up better under infrared leading us to believe
    that these polygons are giving off heat.

    Notice also, that the center of Tycho Crater contains a tunnel leading to a
    underground area. And the tunnel is surrounded by what can only be
    a manufacturing process using perhaps nanobot technology.


    Again if you examine the area from the viewpoint of the first link above,
    you will see that the area is rectangular in shape, hundreds of miles across
    and hundreds of miles wide, the polygons reflecting the engineered
    roof of this underground structure.

    Cearly this would seem to prove the theory, that the moon itself,
    is a battle planet, and the carters not asteroid impacts,
    but rather direct hits, when the shields were down.

    So why haven't we sent in robotic probes, and more importantly,
    why hasn't Dr. Kaku, mentioned the Tycho crater anomalies
    when he has spoken of the need to return to the moon?

    If you recall Arthur C. Clark mentioned Tycho crater as the location of the
    Von Neuman probe and Dr. Kaku has also mentioned the probe.

    So Dr. Kaku are you under duress? Do you have an alien implant
    which is preventing you from discussing this in public?
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    Because Mr. Kaku is thinking too much in the things of his interest. You mentioned Arthur Clark who provided the idea for the film Space Odysee 2001. Yet Clark was Carl Sagan friend and knew A BUNCH OF OTHER THINGS KAKU IGNORES. Or he knows but don't wanna be in the middle of a controversy. Sagan sent a message to eventual aliens in Pioneer 10. Yet the idea was shared by Richard Hoagland who has given lectures in Nasa and was the youngest guy in all USA who was a curator in Space museum besides winning the Angstrom Medal for Excellence in Science (something our Moderator probably won't ever achieve), he was former space program consultant to Walter Cronkite and CBS news, former planetarium director, heads independent non-profit organization, the Enterprise Mission which is actually showing to the world the things NASA purposely hides, specially about geologic anomalies on Mars surface. I know this cos I have read and saw Nasa photographs and information literally CUT OFF or their photographs without zoom. How many people know the photographs used are usually infrared which give an unnatural red color to Martian surface or Nasa's procedure to "martianize the sky", etc. If Kaku were a bit smarter, he should not only arrive to similar conclusions but would call atention to those Martian facts he ignores. Alien doesn't have to be seek outside but even in hyperdimensions right here on Earth. The film Mission Mars was done because the work of Hoagland and others in case the readers ignore that. But I suppose Mr. Moderator doesn't want ME to write about those "theories" right? I must write about math contradictory conclusions but I can't talk about the book written by a scientific leader, Monuments on Mars. He didn't say a single word against you cos you quoted Arthur Clark, but if I mention Hoagland who won medal in his achievments on science, I would be consider "cursed" and will deserve a "warning" before they kick me out.
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    You mention nanotechnology, what if I show the photograph of nanotechnology somewhere else?
    Go to:
    Go to "Sensational Find in Russia". Of course, Dr. Kaku maybe doesn't even have the slightest clue about this.
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    But I don't wanna talk about methane on Mars....ha-ha!
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    [QUOTING : Rick Sobie]

    Given that Tycho crater is perhaps the best evidence of alien presence I was wondering why Dr. Kaku has yet to mention it on his numerous appearances on Art Bell and etc?

    Notice also, that the center of Tycho Crater contains a tunnel leading to a
    underground area. And the tunnel is surrounded by what can only be
    a manufacturing process using perhaps nanobot technology.

    You stated that the Tycho crater is perhaps the best evidence..
    keyword here is "perhaps"

    Also, you state that there is a tunnel (which I can assume by looking at the photograph) - Also, you used the word "perhaps" once again.

    \Per*haps"\, adv. [Per + hap chance.] By chance; peradventure; perchance; it may be.

    So why bash the credibility of Dr. Kaku by using assumptions of your own that cannot be proven. You should however contact the Naval Space Command about your assumptions of the moon having sheilds. Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Naval Research Laboratory, Code 5590, 4555 Overlook Ave. SW, Washington, DC 20375

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    Yeh? Well you can also write to Enterprise Mission. P.O.Box 52017, Albuquerque, NM, 87181 or fax asking for specific information from NASA itself to the number (505) 3321164 about whatever evidence you need.
    If you're skeptical enough to believe those photos are hoaxes or games you can still buy the "official" book by National Geographic and commentary by Matt Golombek from Pathfinder in the book UNCOVERING THE SECRETS OF THE RED PLANET. You can even put the 3D lens accompanying the book and compare that is the same image appearing in the page 146 , the complete sphinx in front of mountain with pyramid shape (but of course NASA didn't want you to see a photo with ZOOM) and then you can check how in the page 210 the NASA cut off the photograph hiding the pyramids tetrahedrons near the "face". In the following page you'll see they set the BLURRED black and white worst photograph among at least 11 available while they set the large photo of the so called "eroded" mountain without other photographs available including infrared, etc.
    [PLAIN]www.eaglesdisobey.com/glasstube1.htm [Broken]
    [PLAIN]http://www.xtl-ak.com/marstrees.html [Broken]
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    Geez. Face on Mars, Illuminati, and I don't know what all. This thread goes to the Skepticism forum.
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    Well you can go wherever you want and sent me if you want. That's why I say to INTELLIGENT people to check PHOTOGRAPHS of people who have given conferences at Nasa like winner of EXCELLENCE ON SCIENCE (something you'll never get), Richard Hoagland. In fact I said more, in case your OLD NEURONS didn' t get it, I say it again. You can check the photos for NASA even with the official book. You will continue to be as stupid as a deaf & dumb wall. Let it be. Something else to add? Of course not, it figures you had to write something against me.
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    By the way, one thing is Illuminati and other thing is Freemasonry. Perhaps your are not aware Newton, Benjamin Franklin and other famous people from your country were Freemasons. WRONG AGAIN,********!

    Edit by Ivan: Profanity and personal attacks are not allowed at this forum. This goes for the skeptics and everyone else.
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    And once again, you ERASE the information about how many people is reading, etc. Complete ******* deceiving yourself!

    Edit by Ivan.
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    Once again, Mr.Moderator sends to hell the work of men of science, including geologists and experts in computer and photograph. Please, give us Michio Kaku's e-mail in order to send information for him, he's the scientist, you're just an imbecil who happens to be "moderator". Nobody knows your name, in fact you are known by a nickname. Who cares about you think is relevant or irrelevant. Tell Dr. Kaku, his search of hypothetical Illuminati entities type I, II or III is over. Tell him to find evidence at Nasa, real evidence of people who are scientists and not just hoax videotapes made in home (as it is generally assumed happening in 100% of the cases, which is insolent doubt).
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    I'm curious, has "Mr Moderator" as oscar so eloquently calls him ever removed a post simply because it was not scientifically accurate or differed from his own opinions? Has any moderator?
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    I apologise for my comments about dr. kaku, but I find it hard to take anybody seriously who can see a large cats face in the images, admittedly it does look like a lions face if you place a mirror down the middle.
  16. May 3, 2004 #15
    Well, they call it "catbox" and in fact "admittedly" you reckon there's a lion face if you place a mirror down the middle. Cats are related to lions, "username". That's exactly the point, if you mirror the other side of the eroded mountain and keep on searching you fill find this is not erosion at all but hidden zoo-anthropomorphous cryptographic message. The images appear cos the effect of shadows and light as it happens in places on Earth, the same civilizations who gave importance to solstices, equinoxes, eclipses and so on. The assymetry or symmetry was investigated by experts and not mere amateurs. They used special cameras and investigated the effect of light creating shadows in every possible direction. Now you can accept or deny the images, that's another thing...
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    edit: removed annoying comment
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Now username, I just got after Oscar for making personal comments.
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