Dr. Leonnard Susskind Lectures

  1. Is the Quantum Mechanics lecture series by Dr. Leonnard Susskind available on dvd?
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    I don’t know. But I do know where you can find them:
    Dr. Leonard Susskind free lectures on YouTube. The lectures are assembled in courses of 8 to 12 lectures of 1½ to 2 hours. Below are the links to the playlists of the full courses (plays next lecture automatically). This gives a total of 57 lectures, summing up to approx 100 hours:

    (And yes, it’s possible to download videos from YouTube, but I’m not going to tell you how... :wink:)
  4. They are also on iTunes U. Very easy to download from there.
  5. if its not ilegal.... you can use ant downloder
  6. can download anything
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  8. Thanks for that. However I was hoping they were available on DVD as I am on a wireless connection with a monthly quota of 6GB. I may have to purchase an extra couple of gig prepaid to download the series.
  9. Some of you already know this, but the "Special Relativity" course covers a lot of classical field theory, not just what one typically thinks of as "special relativity".
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    Okay, that could be a problem... I haven’t downloaded any of the lectures, so I can’t tell you the size of the 8 full courses. I did a rough approximation though, built on the 'assumption' that an 1 hr 640x360 video takes approx 340 MB, and the Susskind videos has resolution 480x360 = 75% ≈ 255 MB/hr

    (This is of course a little 'vague', because the final video size depends on compression and bitrate.)

    All 8 courses sum up to 126 hrs, giving: 126 x 255 MB ≈ 31 GB ≈ 7 DVD’s

    That’s gonna be tough on wireless 6 GB quota...

    On the other hand... who consumes 126 hrs of highly skilled physics lectures in one month...?? Einstein!? :smile:

    Why don’t you download this over a period of 5-6 months? I guess you will be fully occupied by the lectures during this time...

    P.S. The YouTube-link to the Cosmology course is not the same as the rest. This will take you the same layout:

    @Daverz: Thanks for info.
  11. No WiFi connection with your computer/device? I've downloaded and watched individual parts of these lectures from coffee shops using WiFi plenty of times.
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    Wireless <> WiFi ?:bugeye:?

    Well... if we are talking 3G it’s gonna take 24 hrs x 7 or something like that to download 31 GB... not counting error rate...

    Seriously, coffee shops and other Hotspots look like a brilliant idea. Or, why not visiting a friend with cable Internet access? With 100 Mbit/s downstream 31 GB can be downloaded in 40 min...
  13. Can you go to a coffee shop or some other place that offers free internet and download the who lot, drink some coffee while you are at it?

    I have watched them through iTune U, very generous of Stanford to put them on the web and for Apple to give them away for free.
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    Thanks HossamCFD!
  15. You're most welcome :smile:

    I believe more courses will be uploaded in the near future. Possibly going all the way to string theory.
  16. I've found most of Dr. Leonard Susskind's lectures are on youtube under Stanford's channel. They are absolutely amazing. I'm so happy Stanford and MIT post these lectures. I'd look into Walter Lewin if you liked the way Susskind taught.
  17. I extracted the audio and put them on my iPhone. I've listened to them all many times that way during my commute. I've also listened to all the Feynman Lectures as well as Sidney Coleman's QFT course that way. I love it and am never bored anymore.
  18. This is pretty cool, indeed. Very useful and entertaining. However, I would like to know if it's possible to find coursework, like homework, (with or without solutions) exam papers, lecture notes, etc that accompany these lectures. Anyone know?
  19. Not with Susskind's lectures. These courses are not regular undergrad or postgrad courses, they are Stanford's continuing education program. So, things are different.

    However, you will find plenty of lectures notes, exams, and problems in the MIT open course ware.

  20. I found this and this.
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