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Dr. Michio kaku's video on transitioanl civilizations

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    this has to be one of the most profound videos i've ever seen
    (possible repost but I couldn't resist)

    whats facinating is that we are currently at a transitionary period in this century. However it brings hope to a currently shunned global union gov body.
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    This idea of three different types of civilizations seems unfounded at best. Type 1 civilizations assumes that we will one day be able to control earthquakes and other natural disasters. It's clear to me that we will be able to protect ourselves from them, but stop them? A possibility at best.

    Type 2 civilizations seem like a possibility.

    Type 3 civilizations might be possible. Stars are pretty far away, how does a civilization expect to reach new ones in a reasonable time? Have they invented a super-duper spaceship that can go faster than light?

    Not only are these assumptions possibilities at best, he hinges on one huge assumption: there is more than one civilization in the universe.
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