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Drag coefficient for Finite circular cylinder of low aspect ratio

  1. Sep 9, 2010 #1
    i have been involved with a problem which requires me to calculate the drag of a finite circular cylinder of very low aspect ratio (~1.2) i.e the h/d= 1.2
    The Red= 5.4x 105 (based on diameter)
    and the Rex = 8.46x 106
    The flow regime is very low subsonic ( M=0.15)
    I need to predict the drag contribution of this body on an a/c
    I have gone through various ESDU( 83025 and 80025) and an AGARDDoc Aircraft Excrescence Drag by A D Young, but to no help as these do not contain the flow regime i am aiming at.
    I would like help with respect to above problem regarding that someone could point me out in the right direction as to where to look or whether i need to look only for 2D cases here as the aspect ratio is so low.
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