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Drag On A Sphere Confused ?

  1. Jul 17, 2010 #1
    Drag On A Sphere... Confused...???

    I've been looking at the Adidas Jabulani football from the recent soccer world cup and came across this issue. This ball has many grooves and ridges on it's surface, and also has less seams (as it is constructed from fewer panels), and these seams are shallower than on previous balls.

    In my view it seems that the ball is not any lighter as some may say (it is actually on the heavier side of the strictly regulated limits for ball weight), but just moving faster through the air. I understand that this is due to all the dimples and ridges on the surface of the ball (tripping a turbulent boundary layer, less pressure drag), but would this not be negated by fewer seams (i.e. less seams, less places to trip turbulent boundary layer, more pressure drag) ?

    If anyone can help me resolve the question at the end of my previous paragraph it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adam
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