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Drainage systems

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    Hi All
    one of my cline has recently changed his double drain sink with a single drain sink.
    I now need to redo all the plumbing to allow for single drain usage.
    I am having a hard time trying to find what is the proper way to install the disposal and dishwasher to a single drain,
    and at the same time what is the proper layout of the PVC piping.

    we will highly appreciate your feed back.
    Thanks in advance.
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    By disposal do you mean a garbage disposal? If so; connect the exit from dishwasher to the disposal, making sure it makes a loop higher than entry point, otherwise it will siphon back into dishwasher. Then connect the outlet from garbage disposal to a P Trap and then to main drain, ensuring a downward slope.

    If there is no garbage disposal, then there is a special fitting that you can use to connect dishwasher to plumbing.

    I did mine this winter and I just set it up the way it was suppose to be, and then took digital pictures of it to the local hardware store and they told me what I needed and how to do it. Also there are sites like DIY that have information.

    Hope this helps.
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    Most dishwashers have a hose that tees directly into the single drain, which is the same drain line the disposal is connected to. Just make sure the hose has a loop high enough to prevent backflow into the dishwasher.

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