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Dramatic muscle mass increase due to mutation

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    Belgian farmers had been breeding a bull for its muscle size, finally getting a bull who is supermuscular

    http://www.ultimate-exercise.com/bravenewworld.html [Broken]

    This supermuscularity is caused by a mutation is the myostatin gene. Why has this case not been exploited yet? Or am I just not aware of it?

    Scientists were able to replicate the phenotype by mutating the same gene in mice, which also became very muscular.
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    Monique, before one plays with TNT one should comprehend it at it's most compentent parts. If the cell increases muscle size what are the other affects on the organism as a whole on the long run? Will it be prevelent now or will it's affects be recognzied in the near future and then be to late to compensate for. Will it be a gradual degredation of the oraganism as a whole?

    It is an amazing thing to understand that which is, but to change it is pure arrogance. If one does not comprehend gravity, then that which they understand or believe they understand is flawed by it's incompleteness.
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    "to change is pure arrogance"

    But this is an example of farmers breeding cows with big muscles together, until the Belgian Blue came out. This is what mankind has been doing for thousands of years, how we have all kinds of cats, dogs, now a bull with huge muscles.

    I haven't read too much yet about the bull, I am very curious to know if it has some serious problems.. but I have the impression not. And does the farmer care?

    Look at how much meat would come from this bull, the same way that we've breeded cows to produce such amazing amounts of milk, you don't think THAT is natural right? :P
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    Even subtle changes like the ones that can be achived through selective breeding can have far reaching affects which are not completely comprehended due to the limited set of parameters which they analyse the system in. That is becuase to go beyond that is expensive thought and human beings like short term gains no matter the cost to the system as a whole. What they do not understand is that the system is single and complete and balanced. You cannot rob peter to pay paul you will still have to pay peter. There are no gains and no losses. The understanding you will pay for with your "time".
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