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Draw a T-s diagram of the improvements

  1. May 31, 2005 #1
    A)Draw a schematic of the basic rankine cycle and its equipment
    B) ddiscuss any three practical improvements to make the basic rankine cycle more efficient, hightlighting the benefit that is thus realized.
    C) draw a T-s diagram of the improvements

    i got answer to the part A.
    i got one answer to the part B. i know that reheat, lower the condenser pressure, integrity condenser to high temp, but i dont to the benefit of this change or is there more change that would make better rankine cycle

    also i dont know the t-s diagram of the improvements rankine cycle

    please help me
    thank you
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  3. Jun 7, 2005 #2
    Look up the Standard Handbook of Plant Engineers.
    Reheat etc improves efficiency by reusing some of the waste heat, ie: condensate returns to feed tank, warming feed water less fuel needed to boil water. Basically they lower the amount of unavailable heat, more of it is available for work.
    And that is shown by the T-s diagram ( Temperature-entropy).
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