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Draw diagrams in jaxo draw

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    Dear PF,
    I am trying to draw some diagrams in jaxo draw, but I dont know how to assign Greek index whenever necessary, can you please advise me step by step... as i understand it is related to some "postscript" issues that i dont know how to set up ... would you be so kind and drop me a couple of lines...

    thank you...
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    I use Jaxo occasionally. For greek indices you need to use the TeX boxes. ("Draw a LaTeX text").

    Then you place it (Youll probably have to rearrange it as it draws the text off a little).

    Then in the box you type what you want, greek indices are done as in LaTeX such as:

    - i e Q_{\ell} \gamma^{\mu}

    for [itex]
    - i e Q \gamma^{\mu} [/itex]

    Now that we have that you have to decide how you want it to display. For papers, I tried to do it as a (Export) LaTex-> EPS . This draws the tex into the eps rather than a seperate LaTeX file.

    One you have the .eps you can put it in your paper/etc.

    If you need a viewer/etc get one here http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/index.htm

    Or is your problem more complicated?
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