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Homework Help: Draw diagrams representing Locus

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    Draw the diagram that represents the locus in each of the following situations. What is the locus of each?

    Going down an escalator

    Sitting in a seat on a Ferris wheel as it rotates.

    All the points that are 2 cm from a parabola.

    All the points that are 5 cm above a line.

    I dont have a clue as to how drawing these diagrams will help me represent a locus I dont understand the question do I need to point out the locus in the diagram? Will there be an equation what do I have to do plz help me :cry:
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    Use your imagination! Imagine yourself going down an escalator or around on a ferris wheel. What does your path look like? That's what "locus" means.
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    I can draw the diagrams but I dont know what the locus is in each diagram

    ok ...

    a) down an escalator a slanted line?

    b)A circle?

    c)Still a parabola but each point moves 2 cm up or down

    d) still a straight line 5 cm above original line

    I have written this but how do I show this is this what the question is asking?
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