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Draw moment

  1. Oct 28, 2016 #1
    • Thread moved from the technical forums, so no Homework Help Template is shown
    paint.png b.png Hello guys

    I'm struggling a bit with drawing momen/[M_o], to this "frame". I will be using virtual Method.
    So, could you you have corrected me if it's wrong?
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    This is not a forum on abstract visual arts.

    I have no idea what the drawing is about.
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    Hello Feeno, :welcome:

    My first reaction was comparable to Krylov's. But that doesn't help you, so here are a few tips:
    Post in the homework forum and use the template there. It helps you explain what you are doing and helps us estimate how we can help you as good as possible.

    You draw a triangluar frame (mass?) that rests on two supports and has a force P applied. And want to find an expression for what moment about what axis ?
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    Usually I try to be less cynical, but this particular "diagram" reminded me of an expression about throwing a certain substance on the wall and hoping that some of it sticks. Please, if you ask a question, no matter which level, make an effort to ask it properly.
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