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Drawing 3D curved arrows around an axis

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    I'm working on a project to illustrate the isometries of a tetrahedron and would like to be able to add a curved arrow around the black axis of rotation in the Manipulate display to indicate which way the solid is rotating depending if the angle is negative or positive. Here's a display of what I have so far: symmetries of platonic solids 5.jpg

    I use the code:

    Code (Text):
    which returns the coordinates I think of the faces (may need to study that part some more). Then I rotate the tetrahedron via

    Code (Text):
    by an angle of "angle" along theAxis with theAxis=a,b,c, or d. Then just draw the axis of rotation as:

    Code (Text):
    Would sure look nicer if I could draw two curved arrows, one below and one above the figure around the black axis to more indicate how it's rotating. So I was wondering if someone could help me a bit with this.

    . . . also need to figure out how to draw a plane (polygon I guess) perpendicular to a face of the tetrahedron to illustrate reflection. I'll work on it.

    Ok thanks for reading,


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