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Homework Help: Drawing a Bode Plot

  1. Mar 22, 2008 #1
    Well, it has been awhile... and I need to remember how to draw a Bode phase plot quickly. The problem I am having is, how do I deal with real poles and zeros in the right half plane?

    I can quickly draw bode phase plots for transfer functions like:
    [tex]H(s) = (s+1)(s+10)\frac{1}{(s+100}\frac{1}{(s+1000)}[/tex]

    but, how do I quickly deal with transfer functions like:
    [tex]H(s) = (s+1)(s-10)\frac{1}{(s+100}\frac{1}{(s+1000)}[/tex]

    if anyone can explain it, or (even better) point me to a good resource for quickly drawing the asymptotic approximations, that would be awesome!

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