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Homework Help: Drawing Field Lines

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    I'm just a little confused about field lines.
    I have sketches of equipotentials and I'm supposed to draw the field lines on them. The one I'm looking at is a dipole with a floating electrode in the middle of the positive and neutral charge. The positive is 12V, and the floating point is 6V.
    After I draw the lines from the 12 to the 6, do I stop? Continue on the other side to the 0? Do I draw the lines all the way through the floating electrode?
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    Are you doing an electricity and magnetism lab? There is no rule of physics that says how many nor how much of the field lines you must draw in order to have drawn field lines. I would probably draw more than five but less than ten. You should read your book to find out what rules you expect them to follow. For instance, how are field lines related to equipotential lines? Do field lines ever end? When reading about them, be careful not to confuse electric field lines with magnetic field lines.
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