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Drawing free body diagrams

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    This is a rather vague question. What exactly don't you know? The figure already shows you, in detail, what the FBD should look like. So where are you having a problem? When I had students who asked me a question like this, I often find that they're having problems with the mathematics, i.e. trig and geometry, and not the physics.

    This is a standard school work. Start with the simpler form, such as a mass on a horizontal surface. Can you draw the FBD for that? In other words, show us what you already know, and we can work from there. It is the only way to figure out the source of your problem.

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    Yes i can

    I'm havin a prob with the imaginary line down the ramp , which is equilibruim with the normal force
    I dunno why do we suppose so.
    I don't know why should the angle of inclination of the ramp should equal the angle of inclination of the normal force

    I think these are my problems
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    When you draw free-body diagrams, what are the forces you include and don't include? What is the minimum annotation a free-body diagram must have?
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    I don't know
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    Doc Al

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    Read these:
    http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/newtlaws/u2l2c.cfm" [Broken]
    http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/vectors/u3l3e.cfm" [Broken]
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    This website is magnificent
    Thanks , my problem is solved now .
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