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Drawing geometrical figures

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    If one can draw (or represent) a 3 dimentional figure on a 2 dimensional surface (ie-a cube on a blackboard), is it possible to "draw" (or represent) a 4 dimensional "figure" on a 3 dimensional "surface"?
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    Yes; however, just as in two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional objects, you can only see one view of the object. Also, because we have no experience with four-dimensional objects and because our eyes are limited to a planar visionscape, it would be much more difficult to intuitively grasp a four-dimensional object's representation than it is that of a three-dimensional one.
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    Thanks a lot for the replies, they both make quite a bit of sense.

    robphy- I have seen the animated Necker cube before, but had forgotten about it. Thanks for the link, it's really neat.
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