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Drawing Schematics

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    What is a half decent schematic drawing s/w suitable for posting on PF? --and costs nothing? :smile:
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    I use Eagle and like the free version of it. The schematic to PC board capture has limitations but it is free so I don't complain. I found it easy to learn.
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    It would just be for drawing pretty pictures, so the capture option is a don't-care.

    But I failed to mention that the output would have to be compatable with PF, or acceptable to something like Excel for pasting into a cell.
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    you can always printscreen, paste into a freebie image editor like irfanview, crop, save as jpg/gif, and upload to tinypic/imageshack/photobucket.
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    But CAM-processed stuff is so much nicer! I also recall being able to copy and paste PSPICE student edition stuff directly from the program and into Word for lab reports. Speaking of old undergrad days, I had a prof who just drew his diagrams (for problem sets and what not) in Adobe Illustrator from a set of template parts (resistors, BJTs, etc.) that he had made. I believe you can also do something similar in AutoCAD.
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    you could probably do that with a lot of programs, like maybe Vizio or something similar. keep all your drawing primitives on a grid and you could just snap things together.
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    Printscreen never occured to me. But you are right. I've a host of image editors to choose to get a gif format.

    I've been balking at using autoCad. Everytime I use it I need retraining. :uhh: But I need something --electronics is very pictorial in the context of communicating here.
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