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Drawing Software

  1. May 2, 2012 #1
    Hey guys can anybody help me finding a software for video tutorial? I will me more thankful if anybody suggest me drawing software too...
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    Hi, Gurudon;
    I have no idea of what you mean by "video tutorial". All that I can suggest for anything that won't cost you a garbageload is to check out "Sourceforge". That's where I got my Inkscape and Gimpshop and a lot of other stuff. It's open-source software, totally free. Just be sure that you check out the progress level (alpha, beta, in development, etc.) and system compatibility requirements before expecting much. You can download anything, but it might not work. Inkscape, however, is excellent. I used every version of Illustrator from 4 up to CS, and loved them. Inkscape is very similar to maybe 6 or so, but it's a whole new learning curve. On the good side of that, there is an amazing on-line manual and help section.
    Considering that it will cost you nothing, I can't see that you could go wrong by downloading it and giving it a try.
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    checkout youtube I just searched on drawing software and got a bunch of video hits for various apps for windows, linux and MacOS. In general, I use the drawing apps for ipad such as Inkpad (vector drawing) and Procreate (regular drawing with several selectable layers). Autocad also has a pretty good drawing app with a free less functional demo app. Anyway, iPad has a lot of apps for drawing.
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