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Aerospace Drawn tubing or extruded bar

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    I have a hollow 2024-T3 rectangular bar and need to check its mechanical and physical properties. So i went through the MIL-HDBK-5J, and it have 3 choice for this material;
    1. Sheet
    2.Drawn tubing
    3.Extruded Bar,rod,and shapes.

    so for hollow rectangular bar, which one should i choose. 2 or 3?

    and if I have solid rectangular bar, it will be the no 3 right?
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    'Sheet' is just what it sounds like. A strip of metal of constant thickness and constant width which is usually rolled and cut into various lengths, or coiled around a mandrel.

    A solid cross section is usually referred to as 'bar' or 'bar stock'. A hollow rectangular section is often referred to as 'tubing'. 'Drawing' and 'extruding' are terms which describe how the finished product is made, usually starting with an ingot.

    'Shapes' usually refers to metal in the form of angles, tees, I-beams, etc.

    Most tables of design properties often include a picture of the section so that various dimensions can be shown for reference.
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    Thank you for the explanation. Now I'm understand better.
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