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Dream and the next day a part of the dream actually happens?

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    Do you ever have a dream and the next day a part of the dream actually happens?
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    Re: Dreams/Reality

    You mean something like deja-vu? Happens to me rather often. Don't know why, though.
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    Re: Dreams/Reality

    well, it's more than deja-vu

    When deja-vu happens, you have a feeling that something has happened before or you feel as if you were in the place before.

    What I'm talking about is say, dreaming about a person you havn't seen in a long time, and then seeing them the next day out of the blue.

    did that ever happen to you with any frequency?
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    Re: Dreams/Reality

    I had something similar happen to me. I once dreamed of a celebration between a few family friends. Two days after one of those friends showed up at my place and invited me to a birthday party they were having the following week.
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    Re: Dreams/Reality

    it seems to happen a lot to me for some reason, kind of takes some of the suprise out of life
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    Re: Dreams/Reality

    tell me about it BEFORE it happens and i'll believe you.
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    Re: Dreams/Reality

    hmm, so you're suggesting that I see something when I'm awake and for some reason my mind sees a familiarity in it and I recall a dream that I didn't have.

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    Re: Dreams/Reality

    yes, sometimes. at other times I think your dreams show people from your past and since you only know a finite number of people odds are you'll see one of them again eventually. You have millions of dreams that show people that you don't see the next day and you have a couple dreams where you do. Pretty poor track record, but you only remember the few that coincidentally seem relevant.
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