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Dream engine

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    My dream engine, needs a dark matter governor to prevent it exceeding its designed rpm limit, unfortunately no one makes them yet.
    It will produce dark energy as the motive power, but alas the formula for
    its production, or its existence is not known.
    It will, hypothetically, if it runs, produce gravitational radiation, as a by product, but as no one has identified it yet, it is not known if it will be damaging to the environment.
    It also needs a supersymmetric generator, just to hold it all together, another yet to be designed component.
    As my engine is imaginary, there is no way it will blow a gasket, so i hope
    none of the possible buyers will :smile:
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    The University of Kansas quantum gravity theorist Louis Crane got a grant for a couple of million from the Foundational Questions Institute (a private outfit with Templeton money)

    Can you guess what for?

    I guess you know about blackholes radiating. the smaller they are the hotter and the more they radiate. If you could make small enough black holes they would be glowing red hot, or even white hot.
    Louis Crane has proposed to find out more about very little BH which he says could ultimately be used as a source of energy to propel spaceships and do other useful stuff like that:biggrin:

    I wouldnt trade one Louis Crane for a million Brian Greenes.
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    Marcus, i refuse to think about the singularity any more, it throws up to many
    paradoxes, if it/they are physical, then there could be no end to the complexity, of what should be a beautiful theory in the making.
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