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Dream Vacations

  1. Jul 19, 2003 #1
    If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

    Personally, I have always wanted to visit the country of Svalbard. I think it would be especially cool to go with one of the WWF's vacation packages. If only they weren't so expensive.

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    a small island(i think) called mauritious in the indian ocean very expensive to go there though.
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    fiji, but i am shooting for hawaii next summer/fall for my destination wedding
  5. Jul 20, 2003 #4
    Congratulations, who's the lucky dude?

  6. Jul 21, 2003 #5
    Fiji is on my list. Also Tahiti,Jamaica, Australia/New Zealand, and backpacking across Europe. Going to head to Hawaii sometime next year for my honeymoon as well, and possibly Mexico;)

    Secondary would be China (great wall) Japan, Nepal(would like to at least attempt to scale the big mountain), and Africa for a safari-kenya maybe.

    But hey, if I can even get through my primary list, I'll be happy
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