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Dreaming and interpretation

  1. Sep 27, 2006 #1
    I hope this is allowed, as I know most discussion here is logical and "cold", but I want to talk about something else for a change..
    Inspired by sparkehorses album!

    ALso if this is unappropriate I apologize in advance.


    I sit here on the porch, looking at the moon shimmering through the tree branches.
    The photons have traveled from the moon, like a stream of glowing water, through the dark and desolate vacuum, and into my eyes.
    I walk a little, and the moon changes shape as I watch it through the branches.
    The sound of an arpeggio guitar melody playing in my ear through the earplugs from my mp3 player is sent into my mind.

    I walk up to the belly of the mountain, it stands high and powerful in the sky, with a starlit dreamscape behind it enlightening the mountainside.
    I start walking up the mountain, one foot at a time, and it's as if I have unlimited supplies of oxygen in my system because I walk and walk, seemingly never tiring or short of breath.
    The guitar plays the melody stronger and stronger.
    As I reach the top I find myself looking over the universe, an infinite stream of thoughts, emotions and probability.

    Every fleeting moment is captured in the stars, they echo in time and space, like small glowing balls of water, changing shape and intensity as they hit eachother, and the moon reflects off the surface.
    Suddenly small tones from the guitar exit the earplugs, and into space, they intertwine with the droplets of emotion, and like bubbles they dissipate and dissapear into thin air.

    I stood on the mountain of infinity, looking at the illuminated blue ether beneath me, and I lit a cigarette.
    As I stroked the match, small fireworks burst off the side of the box, and a small flame set fire on the tip of the wood, I held the small flame of eternal energy to the cigarette, and took a deep inhale.
    The stream of the universe flowed into my lungs, and my whole being woke up.

    There was a steep abyss beneath me, a dark substance, waiting.
    I look up at the sky and turned my back to the abyss.
    As gravity took over I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, the stars were a blur, and for a second or two I felt more alive than I had ever felt in my entire life.

    Suddenly the stars weren't blured anymore, they were completely sharp, and I lied there, for light years, dreaming in the belly of a mountain.
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