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Medical Dreaming and nightmares

  1. Jan 17, 2008 #1
    Lately weird things have been going on in my head while I sleep. I went snowboarding and was sleeping in a hotel with a few people. One person would talk in their sleep and I could hear them in my dream state. It was weird because when they would talk it seamed as if I was at the same moment saying the same thing, like I anticipated before they talked and said the same thing in unison yet my lips didn't move. I woke up right away when that happened and was so struck that I was afraid to go back to sleep. The next night it happened again only he talked for a while after I woke up and it seamed he was talking to me in his sleep.

    Often I am asleep and get this feeling that I am in danger in the real world, but I am unable to wake up. I fight to wake up and finally wake up. It is weird like being asleep and knowing it but unable to do anything. Sometimes this happens and I fight to wake up in my sleep only to find myself wake up into another dream which I then am convinced is real. This has also happened where I struggle to wake up, then wake up in another dream, and then still know I am asleep, struggle to wake up, and end up in another dream. It's kind of like russian dolls one inside another.

    Sometimes it get so confusing wondering what is real and what is not during the night that I stay up all night and avoid sleep. Does anyone know anything about this type of stuff. It get kind of creepy sometimes and leaves me feeling like I'm on acid or something when I wake up sometimes lasting half the day after.
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    Never mind I just did some research and found out I have sleep paralysis it is fairly common. Still what happened in the first paragraph was creepy and unique because I have SP all the time, but that particular night was intense. If anyone could offer any kind of explanation or has something else to add go ahead, but I found enough information on other sites to satisfy myself.
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    Yep, you hit the nail on the head. I get this sometimes, more so if I'm overly tired or stressed out.
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