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Dreaming during a nap

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    I'm lucky that I have an old-school office (I work in an old building), not a cubicle. At lunch I usually close the door and take a short nap. Ten minutes and I'm good for the rest of the day!

    I usually don't dream during a nap, but today when I dozed off, I had a short dream...I dreamt I was working :rofl: !

    ...jeez I hate that, when I sleep at work, and dream about work...what a waste of a perfectly good dream...
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    I was watching "Total Recall" yesterday, and one of the fundamental issues of the movie was whether or not the "white light" at the end was a "happily ever after", or a "labotomy". My interpretation is that Arnold was so f'n realistic in his dream, that even if he was sleepwalking, he would have still survived. So I disagree with the labotomy interpretation. So, keep on dreaming lisab.
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    What white light? When he falls asleep in the Mind Place chair to get a pseudo-fantasy?

    Anyway, I've been sick all week. Fever + drowsy Niquil pills = dream of me being chased by a bear. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to climb a tree. Strangely enough, the bear didn't climb the tree. Instead, he jumped over a nearby 5-foot fence. I was like "Whoa!! How did he do that!?"
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