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Medical Dreaming question

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    My friend was telling me about this seminar or lecture he attended at a college somewhere about neuroscience. He told me about a theory that was talked about there. Something about, the back of the brain putting on a show for the front, dominating part of the brain, so as the back can do important tasks that need to be done without the help of the front.

    Is the front the temporal lobe? If we call this theory true, than I think maybe the lucid dreamer's temporal lobe (front brain) is more dominating than the normal dreamer's. That's why it takes control more, and gets to thinking. I've noticed in lucid dreams I am able to hear things going on in the room sometimes. And this: In dreams I have trouble with my eyes a lot. I've found that after becoming lucid, they are almost squinted. My "mind's eye." :tongue2: When I try and open them more I see better. Then, I find I can open them more. After I start trying to open my eyes farther than they normally would go, the dream blurs, and dissolves. If I open them even further, my real eyes open and I wake up. :uhh: Kinda creepy/cool.

    And what about talking in your sleep? Does part of the signal from your front brain get around partially? The talking is usually incomprehensible.

    I know we don't know a lot about dreaming and sleeping in general, even though we spend most of our lives sleeping, and this theory may be out of date. The temporal lobe probably isn't the right part/term, but I liked how it sounded. :biggrin:

    Thanks guys, love ya!
    - Mk :biggrin:
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    I wish I could answer your questions...been looking on google..can't come up with anything.
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