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Dreams of Suspended Animation

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    I have had Dreams of being put in Suspended Animation after my future death, I was put in a Stainless Steel container containing 100% Liquid Neon, My body was removed of all its Blood and replaced with Liquid Neon and then encased in the container with Liquid Neon, I wake up some 500 years later only to be revived by my distant futures Medical Society.

    Can anybody make out this Dream?:bugeye:
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    Other than a wish for immortality, I can't suggest anything. But I'm curious what happens after you're revived.
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    I awake in a Utopia enviroment, It's all Utopia experiences, near Perfect Buildings sorta of Sci Fi, near Perfect Society, near Perfect Wildlife and Nature, Crime and Violence has been breed out through Genetics, Children are not born through natural selection but only through prefect selection, only the choicest of children are birthed but Sex still functions as Sex just not for brearing Children, Population control was the culprit to Selective Child rearing, a protective political move made to pace the human races Population, all Children are born near perfect but not quit perfect, There is very little crime and very little need for police. Stuff like that, Actually a very nice place, not to much different than our world now except maybe a little better enviroment and different politics.:bugeye:
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    Yeah, immortality sucks. :smile:
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