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Dreams of the future

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    this may sound wierd, but have these feelings of dejavu of everyday events, feeling like i have dreamt of them beforehand.lasting mostly for 30-45 seconds, i suddenly keep knowing what i had dreamt next and that thing happens. then the feeling subsides. funny thing is that i don't remember any of my dreams until 'it' happens. the frequency is once in 3 months. opinions?
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    I never have deja vu. When I don't have one, it's just like the previous one I didn't have. So it's as if I knew exactly what was going to happen next, I wouldn't have yet another one. Weird.
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    i dreamt that Princess Diana died in a car crash - and sure enough a while later she died.
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    @freddy um.. were you her driver?
    @jimmy i don't have a fitting repartee right now, but keep checking your mail.
    anyways i posted this because i seriously do have these experiences, and am curious. can anyone help me?
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    I have deja vu every once in a while. Like when I'm doing whatever, suddenly I'll get this feeling like the exact same thing in every detail has happened before. It doesn't show me the future or tell me what's going to happen, I only get the deja vu feeling while the event is occuring, and it only lasts a few seconds.
    It never provides me with a long duration feeling where I have time to consciously predict what's going to happen next.
    But that's my experience with deja vu. Other people apparently experience something different. But I don't believe any of them can see the future.
    I've had people tell me about dreams they had where some event occurs, then later, in real life, the event actually occurs. But the problem is I only hear about these dreams after the event occurs in real life.
    I'm not saying you're trying to make it seem like you saw into the future, because you could have very well had that dream and then she died.
    It's never happened to me, but right now, I can't recall any dreams I've ever had. I forget them soon after I wake up.
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    Also I dreamt that in 1994 Minnehoma would win the Grand National (which is a steeplechase horse race held at Aintree racecourse in Liverpool in England every year). I told my mate it was going to win and also I put £10 each way on it at 16/1. Lo and behold it came in, and I also had £10 E/W on another horse in the same race.
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    Drugs should help.
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    I discussed this once with Nereid and others a long time ago:


    I'm linking to a specific post, but the ones before and after it deal with the subject as well.
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    I have an opinion. I would suspect some sort of quantum/dimensional strangeness.

    About two years ago, my wife and I were seeing what can only be described as "snippets" of events that would happen in the future. The events were little things like, tapping on a window or moving a table. For example, we saw a hand rapping on a window where there was nobody there. When we investigated, I rapped on the window the way we saw and realized that it was my finger we'd just seen. That's just one example of many. This activity seemed to increase while she was pregnant. After our baby was born, these events ceased. I don't know what a pregnancy has to with this? But that was the only thing that was different in our lives. I talked to two physicists that specialize in paranormal and both agreed that there may be an "extremely" theoretical possibility that we may have seen dimensions being crossed. Since I don't believe in ghosts, this explanation was good enough for us. There were a few weird things that happened after the baby arrived but nothing like what we saw before the birth.

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    This is interesting. Just to be clear, when you say "seeing" you are referring to an actual visual event?
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    Yes, it was an actual, "visual" event. My wife and I saw these events simoultaneously. Neither she nor I believe in supernatural phenomena nor were we freightened by the events. Fascinated is a better word. My wife still sees me walking around outside the house while I'm elsewhere running errands. I think this is described as "bilocation". Peripherally, I see many things but I can't tell what they are. She says that she's not spooked by it anymore--our house is just weird.
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    I am pretty sure whatever is happening at your house is not the same thing the Opening Poster is experiencing. I have had what chhitiz decribed a couple times: deja vu accompanied by the strong impression you once dreampt what seems familiar. Deja vu is often also accompanied by the feeling you know what is going to happen next, even when you don't feel you are remembering it from a dream. In all cases this is a purely emotional, not visual experience.
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    i would rather go with Kenneth V's theory. and, i do not just have a felling of knowing what is gonna happen next. it is what i remember from my dreams happening next and it does happen, AFTER i have remembered it from my dream.
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    I used to be plagued with constant deja vu's. On a "good" day I'd have only 5 or 6. On a "bad" day I'd have 3 a minute all day long. This went on for two and a half years.

    It took many, many experiences of this to realize that the illusion of knowing the future was caused by the fact we are always more or less speculating about what will happen next, and whatever we happen to speculate while having a deja vu will feel so spectacularly familiar that we are convinced we know what is about to happen. The feeling of familiarity gets stuck to whatever you place your attention on, including your own thoughts.

    9 times out of ten, what you're sure is about to happen doesn't. That doesn't matter, because whatever actually does happen seems so spectacularly familiar that we feel justified in having felt we knew what was going to happen next. In other words: the "proof" that you knew what would happen next is the strong feeling of familiarity of whatever happens, and you forgive yourself the fact the actual events don't match up. All you remember are the two important emotional elements: the fact you felt you knew what would happen next, and the fact that what happened felt amazingly familiar. You tend to downplay and forget that the actual specific events you predicted didn't match up.

    So, while it could be that the physics of consciousness transcend spacetime, the deja vu is not a result of that. It is just your hippocampus acting up.
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    omg I've had these experiences since I was like 7, where I dreamed of being in a Canadian classroom and not being able to speak english cus I was chinese back then! and just randomly I have these weird dreams that sometimes corresponds with real life events...
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    no, everytime i have a deja vu, what i'm sure is about to happen does happen. but, then these could, of course be misfiring neurons, even if would hate to admit it to myself
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    Sooooo you are saying that deja vu's might be actually the merging of 2 parallel universes and we get a slight flashback? Interesting..... i had one recently, i knew what was gonna happen yet... I stopped.... i looked and observed, the words seemed to be coming out of my mouth yet i had no control of them. There is even cases in which i attemped and succeded to do something different.

    Good post
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    Ivan Seeking

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    No, someone said that some unidentified persons said that. We will not be pursuing that discussion.
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