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Dreams- Subconscious Minds

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    How these are Related. And how should i respond to them ??
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    how you should respond to them depends on the dream. i won't write you a big tome to try to cover all types of dreams.

    they could just be a reiteration of days events. they could be part of yourself trying to tell you something in a language barely understood half the time for most people. often you are the best interpreter of your dreams and often a nonpartial third party can help interpret dreams.

    i like your current signature, btw.
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    Dreams, subconscious workings with the purpose of playing out behavioral functioning. Basically dreams allow you to see how you would behave in any given situation. You should learne how you behave in your dreams and use them as a tool to correct any negative behavior you may have.
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    dreams i think are a complex way of explaining how we pursue and intepret life. its like a movie explaining what we want and how we examine our own lives. we live life contsricted by laws and reality dreams are a way to distort it to the point that it makes no sense but in the right mind set we can interpret them to mean exactly what we thought that very day. i think you can break down any dream to have some deep meaning or message but it is not nesesarally subconscious to the point where we dont know that we have thought it or want it. we see it as something so complex that we fail to realize it is so simple to understnad....
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    I beleive dreams are your representation of reality, and what should be. I beleive that you are everyone in your dream, and all of the actions and emotions that they/ or you show in the dream, are obviously emotions that you are currently feeling in the unconcious state.
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