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Drell Yan process and divergencies

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    Hello @ all,

    I have a few short questions. If we compute the DY process with NLO computation we get rid of the UV divergencies with renormalization of some physical parameters like the field, mass, coupling. The IR divergencies cancel somehow with the real gluon and quark emission. But not all of them. So, my question:

    1. Is only soft gluon and quark emission called IR? Or does IR include collinear divergencies?
    2. in a proton collison (pp-> l \bar{l}) which part of the divergencies is canceld by the real emission part, which by renormalization of the PDFs?

    while considering all the particles as massless.

    Please..I need some help to classify the different types...except of the UV part...and with which method we get rid of it....Thanks!
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