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Dresden, Germany - 13 Feb, 1945

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    Slaughterhouse Five is an excellent movie.

    Remembering the Dresden bombing

    I have heard that the firebombin in Germany, particularly Dresden, was in retaliation for the German firebombing of Coventry. Apparently the British new that the Germans were planning to that and when, because of interceptions of secret transmission. However, the British could not act on that information without tipping off the Germans that they had intercepted the information.

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    ''the British RAF went ahead with the attack and dropped 2,700 tons of bombs on Dresden,''

    while the about quote is true
    it is not the whole story
    USA AF allso hit the city not just the brits
    and hit it hard
    ''During the next two days the USAAF sent over 527 heavy bombers to follow up the RAF attack. Dresden was nearly totally destroyed. As a result of the firestorm it was afterwards impossible to count the number of victims. Recent research suggest that 35,000 were killed but some German sources have argued that it was over 100,000.''

    yes it was a war crime
    at the end of a won war
    did little to bring the end quicker
    at a very high civilian cost

    but the side that lost couldnot try the winners
    and UN was a allied creation so not independent
    and no goverment was going to try it's own people
    so it is a crime that was never tryed in court
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