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Drilling deep into the Earth

  1. Jul 20, 2016 #1
    Hello there, just a quick question.
    How deep can you drill into the ground before reinforcement is required? Iv watched a video on deep sea drilling and it says they drill down so far then send concrete down for reinforcement then drill again with a smaller drill. So I was just wondering how far down you can go each time before you need the concrete? And does it matter on the diameter of each hole and how deep each hole is?
    Thanks in advanced
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    I don't know the answer but this has a relevant comment...

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    When drilling a deep hole the problem is actually near the surface where there are unconsolidated materials or where weathering has weakened the rock. Once that first section has been drilled oversize, a steel casing is inserted, then the surrounded space will be stabilised with concrete. Drilling can then continue with a smaller diameter drill.

    Oil and gas wells can blow out if a high pressure reservoir is encountered while using a low density drilling mud. To prevent escape of gas and oil a blowout preventer is installed. The BOP must be attached to the casing, and that casing must be firmly attached to the solid rock with concrete.
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